Wind Powered Prayer Turbines in Spiti Valley's Kunzum La Pass 4590m

A Sportsmans Manual - In Quest of Game in Kullu, Lahoul and Ladak: To the Tso Morari Lake, with Notes on Shooting in Spiti, Bara Bagahal, Chamba and K

A very interesting book with a lot of insight into adventure travel in a different time! 

I'm certainly not into shooting birds but this book is a fascinating read.  I love old travelogues from the 19th Century when gentleman and lady travelers roamed the world 'encountering' new cultures, chronicling and categorizing entire ecosystems and accidentally inventing things like mountaineering, anthropology and backpacking.  

This book caters to a slightly less eco friendly and erudite type of explorer than the great naturists of the last century, although compared to modern backpackers, almost all of the european travelers in the Himalayas in those times seem quite aristocratic and gentlemanly.  

This would be a great guidebook or a basis for a themed photography tour into the deep Himalayas.   Instead of shooting the wildfowl with a gun, please use a good quality DSLR  

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Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya

A beautiful photographic journey to the land of peaks and valleys, this book is a visual treasure and and an indispensable addition to the coffeetable for any Himalayas enthusiast. The Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya blends environmental observations, cultural anthropology, architecture and mountaineering with an artistic eye for awe-inspiring photographs. A visual jewel for anyone and a must have for the bookshelves of anyone who has visited the Himalayas.

New portal for micro-entrepreneurs in the Himalayas

Now there is a new way to find and book your outfitters for your next Himalayan trek.

Check out The Himalayan Connection an outdoor adventure portal dedicated to micro-enterprise development and community ownership.

This portal brings together local tour operators from across the region and bypassing the middlemen puts their products online for the world to see.

Treks to Kanamo Peak 5964m go for very cheap

Spiti Valley Sojourn

Spiti Valley is one of the most unique and striking places in the world. A place where nature exhibits a raw, physical power. A place of resounding heights and imposing isolation.
Below is a link to the wikimapia website showing satellite imagery of Spiti. Its a great way to explore the mountains and make plans for future treks or peaks or isolated villages to visit.
Also check for great deals and help getting to this beautiful region!